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It’s hard to ignore statistics that continue to report a rise in deer population in the British countryside. With each animal capable of eating over a tonne of vegetation every year, growing numbers are undoubtedly having a detrimental impact on our woodland biodiversity, the safety of our roads and members of the public. These issues can tip the balance against man and beast continuing to harmoniously co-exist. Farmers, land owners and managers are therefore seeking the help of Wessex Deer Management.

Looking after the welfare of the deer on your land, while protecting the land itself, the service we provide incorporates a detailed and strategic plan for the on-going maintenance of your Estate. This will in turn protect your commercial activities, adjacent road networks and members of the public. By managing the numbers of deer on your estate, it will conserve their habitat and ensure they will no longer encroach onto areas where they are not welcome.

A Professional Service

Incorporating the services of experienced professionals will result in a faster, more cost-effective solution which will achieve the best end results. The Wessex Game Management team is trained in understanding how deer move around their habitat and how this is motivated – season to season. This knowledge enables us to provide you with a detailed, and immediate plan of action – as well as the solution for on-going maintenance.

Deer Population

Wessex Deer Management operate under the strict guidelines as laid down by The British Association for Shooting and Conservation. Our registered, licensed stalkers main concern is for the safety of those living and working on the land, members of the public and commercial livestock.  Our work is carried out humanely, for the welfare of the animal and discreetly to maintain your privacy.

Prepared Venison 

Our sister company, Wessex Game, can provide you with Venison from your own land, professionally prepared by our experienced butchers and supplied vacuum packed, labelled with cut, date and weight and frozen – or non frozen.  This includes steaks, different size roasting joints, brazing steak, diced meat, liver, sausages – and our very own venison pies made to order.

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