About Wessex Deer Management

Protecting your Investment

Protecting your Investment

Wessex Deer Management is a division of Wessex Game, a family run business based in Dorset.  Operating across the Wessex Region of Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset, with a team of registered, licensed stalkers.

Healthy Eating

The business also includes a butcher service, which sells game to hotel kitchens, restaurants, farm shops, catering companies, farmers and members of the public.

Wessex Game put healthy and fresh, local fair at the heart of their own table which is one of the reasons the business began its operation.  They enjoy their own prepared Venison and grow as many of their own vegetables as they can. They also bake their own bread and rear chickens to produce the best, local organic eggs.

Eco Premises

The company run an ECO operation with low energy LED lighting, solar electricity and renewable energy heating – as well as harvesting and purifying their own water.

Best Practice

Animal welfare is extremely important when controlling deer numbers. We often carry out this service from a camouflaged, elevated frame which not only provides accuracy but ensures the animal is not able to see or smell a member of our team. The aim is that the animal remains unaware it is being tracked to prevent any stress at the point it it culled.


At Wessex Deer Management we take great pride in a strict record keeping regime for all work carried out for our customers.  We record the exact date and location on your land where each animal was culled. This practice also provides valuable data for the on-going control of deer on your land.

We are fully qualified to use firearms and ammunition on your land, and we adhere to the strict control on how, when and where a deer can be culled. We are able to demonstrate this with approved paperwork when we arrange our first meeting.

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Just some of the reasons we do what we do!

Wessex GameNo natural predators – Last Wolf in Scotland 1763

Wessex Deer Management

Rapid Expansion of Distribution on non-native species

Wessex Deer ManagementMalnutrition, not able to feed or lack of suitable habitat

Wessex Deer ManagementDeformities with too many deer to manage

Wessex Deer ManagementDeer damage Trees

Wessex Deer ManagementThis gardener didn’t need this kind of help!

Wessex Deer ManagementCrop damage is a big problem

Wessex Deer ManagementDeer damage fencing and themselves.

Wessex Deer Management

Road accidents are a very real problem

Wessex Deer Management

Deer Vehicle Collisions

Wessex Deer Management

Deer spread ticks that are smaller to detect than dog ticks

They cause Lyme Disease which can be deadly.