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Only mass deer cull can prevent destruction of British woodlands and wildlife, say scientists“.   The Independent

Given our benign climate and plentiful feed, deer can achieve an annual increase in number of up to 25%. With no natural predators this will only be limited by planned culling.”   The Poole Basin Deer Management Group

Dorset Farmers want increase in deer cull.”   Daily Echo 2009

The Deer Initiative (DI) said that there are up to 75,000 deer-vehicle collisions in the UK each year, resulting in 400-700 human injuries and several fatalities to people.”   Dorset Echo May 2015

“Wild deer are causing problems! It is boom time for the UK’s wild deer population. These shy and elusive beasts are now more abundant in our woodlands, fields and even towns than at any time in the last 1,000 years.”  Southern Farmer

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