Major Investment Plans

December 2015 –  Wessex Deer Management Make Plans for Major Investment. 

The success of Wessex Deer Management during 2015 will see the company put money back into the business with considerable investment decisions this year, for the benefit of the company and its future.

This investment forms part of the company’s continuous improvement strategy and will see them look to update the current vehicles, with an emphasis on space, an ability to handle the varied terrain and fuel efficiency. It is also considered that more modern vehicles will decrease the organisations carbon impact.

The Wessex Deer Management team is the companies most important asset, and the last quarter of 2015 saw the company add a new deer and game management recruit. This move will enable the company to look at taking on new management sites in the first quarter of 2016.  Team training is also extremely important and is kept up to date to ensure customers have the continued peace of mind that knowledge, skills and equipment are the most up to date. 

For those customer’s who choose to have their deer prepared by Wessex Deer Management, the company has made considerable investment in this element of the business in preparation for growth in 2016. A new, state-of-the-art refrigeration unit was purchased, fitted and up and running before the end of the year, enabling a greater quantity of venison cuts to be managed and stored ahead of customer delivery.

The venison preparation area has had a complete new re-fit, together with storage units and surfaces, and a new deer hanging system and preparation tools.

In order to provide customer’s with a greater range of Venison cuts, the company has invested in brand new sausage making equipment.  And new for 2016 will be their own Venison House Pies and Venison Jerky. Jerky has been very popular in the United States and with the rise in popularity for beef jerky in the UK, Venison jerky is set to follow. 

Wessex GameThe 2016 labelling has now been designed and will be in print early in the year. The new labels make it quick and simple to see the cut, weight and date of preparation.

These savvy investments will future-proof the company for 2016 and beyond.