Rising Popularity of Venison

January 2016 – Wessex Deer Management Supports Rising Popularity of Venison.

Demand for a more interesting and contemporary menu, as well as the lean and healthy attributes of Game are just two of the reasons why there has been a rise in the popularity of Venison, both on a commercial level and with the general pubic.One of the Uk’s leading supermarket’s recently reported Christmas Venison sales were up 115 per cent on this time last year.  In fact, they went as far as to say they sold out from the pre-order range and told the Guardian they were working to bring more top quality game to customers in response to its huge popularity.

Wessex Deer ManagementThe customer clearly wants to experience what was once only enjoyed in a hotel or restaurant setting at home.  And, in reality, mostly anything you prepare with beef can be enjoyed using Venison as a healthy alternative.  It is certainly not something to be afraid of when it comes to preparing every day wholesome meals through to those presented by a chef. And there are many countries where Venison is very much a staple diet. 

Wessex Deer Management’s sister organisation, Wessex Game prepare the Venison for the organisation for those land owners who require their Venison prepared.  They have certainly seen a sharp rise in interest. Venison is now becoming less of a winter dish and more of an all rounder as its contemporary recipes are now more accessible, making it possible for people to appreciate its flexibility. The age old tradition of a long hanging time for the deer and overly rich sauces divided opinions in the past, but recipes and ideas have changed and the meat can now be considered far more mainstream. Wessex Deer Management will support their Wessex Game organisation with high quality, local Wessex deer, which will in turn enable them to increase sales and boost production of new delicacies such as Venison sausages, House Pies and Jerky. www.wessexgame.co.uk