How we operate


When it is considered necessary to reduce the number of deer on your land, we will operate under the strict guidelines laid out by The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), to ensure the welfare of the animal and the safety of everyone that lives and works on the land, as well as members of the public and any commercial livestock.

Our deer culls will take place from a camouflaged and elevated A-Frame. This is for safety reasons, as previously explained, as well as a level of accuracy for an instant kill with no stress to the animal.  We will also mark the date and exactly where on your land the animal was expired.

Our work is always conducted humanely and with complete respect for the landowner, their business and the animal.  We understand that there may be a negative reaction from members of the public that live and work within the area of your land and our activities are carried out with discretion for the protection of your good name and that of your business.

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